Manage and organize your franchisees community

With specific tools to the Franchise sector

Your complete and scalable all-in-one collaborative platform to manage your franchise.

Use Franchise on Cloud from any computer, mobile phone or digital tablet with Internet connection and secured password and a login. You don’t need a long and expensive installation on each computer. Discover our features in detail.

Create a Library for Educational Content

• Transmite an up to date operational manual

• Management of access and alert on updates

• All types of documents (interactive catalog, text, video, …)

Audit and units data information

• Develop audit forms and visit reports (notation, comments, files, task tracking)

• Track and manage information at the unit, multi-unit owner, and business entity levels

• Manage activation, renewal, transfer, and termination of franchise units

Network communication and videoconferencing

• News, directory 2.0, internal messaging, forum

• Management and reporting of events

• Commercial challenges and surveys

• Video conferencing tools

Document storage space

• Unlimited and individual cloud storage space for all users

• Share and collaborative tools included

E-learning and training

• Easy creation of interactive training (text, image, video) with quiz, tests and results online

• Detailed reporting about individual and collective training results

Reporting, business intelligence tools and statistics

• Collect data across critical functions, including finance, marketing, operations, and field consultancy about each unit

• Statistics of users activity (pages viewed, number of connections)

Project management and collaborative process

• Private or public working groups that allows your staff and franchisees to create projects, increase productivity in the workplace, and enhance communication with ease.

• Create, share and edit documents with other users

• Track your internal projects with our task manager

Ecommerce website and order management

• Management of a multi-products catalog (textile, raw materials, …) and multi- suppliers

• Tracking and reporting tools

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Plus de 250 fonctionnalités

La solution la plus complète pour tous vos besoins. De nombreuses options pour coller à votre organisation.

Une équipe projet dédiée pour votre réussite

Vous disposez d’une interlocutrice dédiée toujours disponible. Vous êtes autonome mais jamais seul.

Une interface à votre charte graphique

Votre univers de marque est respecté. Vos utilisateurs s’approprient l’outil très rapidement.