Recruit your future franchisees

Increase Franchise Growth with a Development CRM Built Exclusively for Franchising, with add features.

Attract more candidates

Increase Franchise Growth with a Development CRM Built Exclusively for Franchising. Reduce the opening time of your local implantations. Adopt the social network reflex and tools. Our franchise software allows you to create an online personal access for each candidate. Result: the candidate is immersed in your brand universe from the beginning of his project to open a franchise.
You make the difference with your competitors by using the tools your candidates expect.

An attractive online environment for your candidates

The candidate accesses his personal online page with a password and a login. You display your visuals, your news, your videos and gradually give him access to content in relation to your brand according to his stage on candidate process.

• Exchange documents, questionnaires, diaries, news, messages, electronic signature of contracts….

Build trust with your candidates

• Everyone knows how tools and background messages strengthen themselves. The quality of you candidate process and tools show your overall professionalism and support for future franchisees.

Personalize your own candidate process

You fully customize your stages based on your own existing candidate process.

• On each stage, you decide the actions you want the candidate to do, the documents downloaded, the events he has to apply for, the questionnaires he has to fill in, or documents he have to send to you.


Automatically import your different leads

• Our platform is interfaced with all specialised websites on Franchise using a unique partnership and API.

• Automatic import from your own web sites.

A multifuncional back office

A list displays all your existing candidates for a synthetic and operational view of essential information.

• A detailed file contains all the data of each candidate: steps, answers to the quizzes, comments of the developer, summary of the meetings and exchanges, documents downloaded and exchanged on both sides, internal messages

• As this information can be accessed from any computer, you always have up-to-date informations for all staff so that you can concentrate on your phone reminders and your follow-up of candidates.

Available reporting on all stages of the candidate path

• Analysis of the different sources of leads and the number of candidates present at each stage of the process.

• Thanks to this easy analysis, you can identify possible blockages to improve your candidate process.

Reduce Opening Time With a Complete Task Management Tool

Onboarding a new store, restaurant, or other franchise location typically involves multiple departments and people.

With Franchise On Cloud:

• Increase organizational visibility by sharing onboarding status across departments
• Proactively track every step with notifications and status reporting
• Increase organizational visibility by sharing onboarding status across departments


Secure your DIP

The electronic signature of the D.I.P has the same probative value as the paper signature and offers other legal advantages that secure your D.I.P.

Reduce your costs

The electronic signature of a DIP costs less than 5 euros. The overall cost of a paper signature costs more than 100 euros (printing, binding, postage). You save more than 2200 euros for 25 DIPs signed in the year.

Hire more franchisees

Present a modern and dynamic image of your brand: show your rigorous processes and your mastery of the latest technologies.
The use of this electronic signature is a sign of a standardized process and gives a very important image of professionalism when the candidate has to engage with you.
Result: more DIPs are signed and faster

Plus de 250 fonctionnalités

La solution la plus complète pour tous vos besoins. De nombreuses options pour coller à votre organisation.

Une équipe projet dédiée pour votre réussite

Vous disposez d’une interlocutrice dédiée toujours disponible. Vous êtes autonome mais jamais seul.

Une interface réalisée à votre charte graphique

Votre univers de marque est respecté. Vos utilisateurs s’approprient l’outil très rapidement.